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This ain't your Dad's wallet…

But, man... those things were pretty hard to forget.

Their sheer mass alone was nothing short of astonishing. How could anyone ever find what they needed in those bulky things? It was like a hoarders paradise for your pops.

The leather bi-folds and tri-folds that held every expired credit card, AAA card, gift card, business card, and it was the family album, on top of all of that. Remember your dad or grandpa pulling out a picture of you to show someone? From your birth?

It’s no surprise all those leather bricks lodged in the back pockets of men’s pants all over the world were the cause of many back pains and hip joint stress. Medically speaking, sitting on hefty wallets causes a structural imbalance in the musculature of the lower back straining the quadratus lumborum muscle.

I guess it was a chiropractors dream. They probably don't love us much, today.

If only those wallets had been filled with cash. I checked, they weren't.

Regardless, debit cards have slowly eaten away at our need to carry cash and our smartphones now hold thousands of pictures, relieving our billfolds of their photo-album-holding duties.

On top of all of all of that, in the age of 'less is more,' we are looking for style and functionality - we want a sleek, minimalist design - that protects us and is manageable. — we've reached a whole new level.

Maximizing the utility and minimizing the carry.

Finding the tips and tricks to carry less but always have what you need tends to have a virtuous cycle — and for most people, it starts with wallets.

This is where the idea of modularized wallets comes into play. In stark contrast to the bloated ones of years ago, slim front pocket wallets have become increasingly popular and with all of the customization, it allows you to use the wallet exactly how you need to.

The Brain Farm Wallet, for instance:

  1. It’s not faux leather — Not only is it not the worn-in leather that defined the 90s, The Brain Farm Wallet comes in a 3k luxury carbon fiber weave, which is the highest quality consumer carbon fiber available.
  2. It’s flexible — With the ability to have a money clip, interchangeable screws, and bands, The Brain Farm Wallet is modularized to be exactly what you need.
  3. It’s RFID-blocking — Old wallets don’t have RFID blocking technology to protect your credit cards from scammers. You know what they say: It’s better to be safe than sorry!
  4. Lifetime Warranty — We're so confident in our wallet, that we offer a lifetime warranty. Name another company that can say that... we'll wait 😎

Long story short, we’ve come a long way when it comes to what we’re carrying with us every day. The Brain Farm Wallet was created as an option for people looking for minimalism without compromising functionality—and it’s definitely not your father’s wallet.

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