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Latest Watch Trends for Women

Latest Watch Trends for Women

Your watch says so much about your style, who you are, and where you are heading. Even with the technology we have available to provide us the time, most women still prefer the comfort and the style of the traditional watch.

But of course, you aren't going to be seen dead wearing some beat brand of last year, regardless of how 'in' it may have been. You're forward thinking... you don't live in yesterday.

A well-chosen watch, for example, is the perfect way to add cohesion, luxury and style to your look, whether you’re at work or out with friends.

So, in today's article, we'll break down what we're seeing and how you could take your style game up a notch. Set your time, let's get reading...

While, yellow gold or even silver can clash with colors in your wardrobe, rose gold is more one of those colors that is able to complement any outfit. That's why so many watches and accessories utilize rose gold. They are timeless and feminine, and enhance your natural beauty and glow. And think about how many of your other brand accessories are using it in their marketing... have an iPhone case? You'll likely notice, they have many incorporating rose gold accents as well. The better you look, the better they look!

One of the best parts of the latest design trends are the big-face, that mirrors the boyfriend style watch while remaining feminine with the marble inlay. It lends to the versatility, and minimalist lifestyle we love, along with the simpler designs that align with our modern lives.

What designers are finally beginning to 'get' is that we want understated, yet sophisticated. We want to leave the clutter, and focus on focus on subtle design aesthetic with subtle bands and slim hands for function and ease, while remaining modern and stylish. 

Women's watches of the past were always either gaudy or bulky but we now have this beautiful option (#womenspeak). And it's not just for their function, it's their role as a true statement accessory.

And you know as well as I do, these watches are here to stay (and so are we).

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