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The Cheaper Trayvax Wallet Alternative with Free Shipping

The Cheaper Trayvax Wallet Alternative with Free Shipping

Everyone is seeking a viable, convenient and more versatile solution for his or her wallet needs. Gone are the days when the bulky wallet was the order of the day. This bulky wallet comes with the con of a backache, bad posture, and a range of downsides. In a bid to improvise, some people resorted to using a money clip which is very limited in practicality.

With an improvement in technology, Trayvax came out with its wallet series. Trayvax introduces a different wallet to suit the needs of various men.

Trayvax wallets came into existence in 2013 when Mark King – the inventor desired to create a bag that can be reused. While this didn’t work out, Mark had a new inspiration – a tough wallet with a metal frame. With time, revisions, and prototypes, the Trayvax wallet came into existence – made of Aluminum and steel plates.

As interesting as Trayvax wallet seems, there have been amazing alternatives that beat the Trayvax wallet in all ways. Many people would love a slim, stylish and light wallet that isn’t only helpful for carrying your personal items but with the capacity to keep your electronic data safe.

If you are looking for a very tough wallet that can handle all sorts of harsh conditions, I present to you the Brain Farm Brainwallet – a Trayvax wallet alternative. This Trayvax wallet alternative is a carbon fiber RFID wallet. It comes with many amazing features and advantages which make it stand out in many ways. With the distinctive feature of being light and very strong, the Brain Farm Brainwallet is ahead in every way. It also makes a good Trayvax wallet alternative because of the price.

Brain Farm BrainWallet: A Carbon Fiber Wallet

As a man, there are a few special things that express your personality, and one of them is the wallet. The wallet houses ID cards, drivers license, receipts, keychain, debit and credit cards, USA dollar bills and cash. With this, a wallet is a good expression of a man’s accomplishments.

Leather comes in many varieties with each serving various purposes. Carbon fiber – the material used in Brain Farm BrainWallet is a special type of fiber material with a distinguished strength from the carbon material. Brain Farm BrainWallet stands out with the characteristics of high modulus and resistant to corrosion which makes it a viable Trayvax wallet alternative.

Men generally are not a big fan of backpacks; hence a small, tough, and versatile wallet gives an exquisite and better alternative. With the increase in the use of online payment, the Carbon fiber wallet has many features which make it of extreme importance. You can securely house your credit card with this viable Trayvax wallet alternative.

One of the things that make a carbon fiber wallet stand out is the durability. This viable Trayvax wallet alternative is a minimalist leather wallet made of carbon fiber. It is light in weight, slim with super RFID protection to keep your privacy intact. It is ideal and perfect for day to day use.

While we are no expert at judging the standards of carbon fiber wallet, we can, however, examine and judge the material performance. The Brain Farm BrainWallet is very light and strong. This makes it one of the best Trayvax wallet alternatives

Special features of Brain Farm BrainWallet Carbon Fiber Wallet

Card slot is lined in both sides to bring about a protective covering for the card

Special protection for vital information – driver’s license, ID and credit card data.

Resistant to water and heat

Strong, durable and resistant to corrosion

Light in weight and very slim

Fits easily in your wallet

Can hold just like the traditional wallet without a bulge

Interesting Carbon Fiber finish

Can hold as much as 12 cards


Why Brain Farm BrainWallet Makes a Better Trayvax Wallet Alternative

Brain Farm BrainWallet has many features that make it stand out as a worthy Trayvax wallet alternative. If you are looking for a better wallet that stands out in terms of price, quality, and features, the Brain Farm BrainWallet, a Carbon fiber RFID is a better Trayvax wallet alternative.

1. Brain Farm BrainWallet is Small, Light and Compact

Superb design is one of the things that make the Brain Farm BrainWallet stand out. It comes with a small design which makes it easy and convenient to hold your cash, credit cards, and IDs. It features aluminum plates that are held together elastically depending on the number of cards.

2. Brain Farm BrainWallet has High Durability

One of the qualities that make Brain Farm BrainWallet a better Trayvax wallet alternative is the handcrafted feature. This gives it a better carbon fiber exterior which makes users enjoy high tensile strength, improved temperature tolerance, low thermal expansion, high resistance to chemical, lightweight and quality stiffness.

3. Brain Farm BrainWallet Features a Stylish Design

As fashion handbag is to women, so is the slim carbon fiber wallet – the Trayvax wallet alternative, an acceptable style popular among men. The Brain Farm BrainWallet comes with serene and distinct grid carbon features giving it a gorgeous look. Even as the years go by, the Brain Farm BrainWallet will not lose its distinct look.

4. Brain Farm BrainWallet Enjoys Superb Craftsmanship

Another feature that makes the Brain Farm BrainWallet a better Trayvax wallet alternative is the distinctive craftsmanship that was employed in manufacturing the wallet. Our Brain Farm BrainWallet is resistant to wear. The user will really enjoy a long use as a result of the reinforced stitching. Do not be fooled by the simple look of the Brain Farm BrainWallet, it takes, time, commitment and expertise to create the perfect carbon fiber RFID wallet.

5. Brain Farm BrainWallet is highly Secured

I bet many people are not aware that just by walking behind you, vital information can be stolen from you. Thanks to the improvement in technology, however, the Carbon fiber wallet is equipped with features that shield its content from RFID signals. With this, you do not have to worry about stolen identity and data crimes. This Trayvax wallet alternative keeps your vital information intact

6. Brain Farm BrainWallet comes at a Reasonable Price

Without a doubt, you wouldn’t expect a quality item to be cheap. Although, an excessively high price at times, is a turn-off. As a result, the Brain Farm BrainWallet makes a better Trayvax wallet alternative as it is of reasonable price. Bare in mind that you are getting a quality wallet that will stand the test of time. This Brain Farm BrainWallet literally competes with you hence; you invest once and forever enjoy the distinguishing features of this wallet.


There are quite a number of wallet choices available on the market for men. Brain Farm BrainWallet brings about a classy wallet with amazing features that make it stand out. Users will enjoy this first class carbon fiber wallet at a mouth-watering price without sacrificing essential qualities important in a first-grade wallet.

At Brain Farm, you will get a Trayvax wallet alternative that stands out in more ways than you can imagine. 

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